Monday, December 10, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - Dec 10th

This week we have to do some Christmas baking. I don't know how we are going to manage but I really want to do it with Big Monkey so it's vital. The problem is that her attention span is still short and Little Monkey can't really help at all yet.
Perhaps I'll do it all by myself in the evening and just leave a tiny bit of dough for the Monkeys so that they think they've done it.
Any suggestions?

My parents are coming for a pre-Christmas visit this week. It's been about six months since we met so we are all looking forward to it. This is what will be on our table this week.

MONDAY Veggie burgers with boiled potatoes and veg

TUESDAY Leek soup from the freezer and leftover pasta

WEDNESDAY Savoury bread and butter pudding (A favourite of P.'s)

THURSDAY Savoury waffles

FRIDAY Potato, leek and mushroom bake

SATURDAY Cous cous

SUNDAY Roasted vegetables with rice (my mother's speciality)

Visit Laura to see what other people are cooking this week.


Kelly said...

Your menu sounds yummy! How old are your littles? My 5 yo loves to help in the kitchen. I give her small tasks like breaking the eggs or measuring the flour, turning on the mixer, etc. But I do the BAKING part, mostly because I am obsessive about making sure things look right.

Sandra said...

Your menu sounds great!

Mine is up too :)