Sunday, November 11, 2007

“I’m grateful for my children because. . .”

I've stumbled across a Group Writing Project for November with this title, hosted by Jordan at Mamablogger.

It fits perfectly with my feelings and what I want to blog about so I'm going to give it a try.

My children are the focal point of my life I love them to bits and I don't know what I'd do without them.

They show me what's really important in life and help me to appreciate the little things. They love to search for snails, insects, stones... when out walking and it makes me so happy to show them something and enjoy their excitement. I hope their interest in their environment and ability to be amazed by it lasts for a long, long time.

I'm filled with pride about every step of progress they make. I find myself on the phone to friends and family each time they do something new. My Mother began to get a bit fed up of all the toilet training stories but normally enjoys listening to every detail.
As all the grandparents live in different countries most of their knowledge about the children is second-hand via the phone and my children have brought us much closer together.

Yann has just become an avid picture book reader and I love reading with him and hearing his attempts to speak.
I find their language development absolutely fascinating and I'm grateful that I can experience that. We are bringing them up trilingually (I speak English with them, their father French and they get German with the rest of the world) and every day it is such fun to hear what Charlotte comes out with. I love her little quirks.

Yesterday Charlotte helped me in the kitchen and after pronouncing "I'm not eating that" when she saw the finished mix going into the oven she did manage to try a little bit when it was ready and found it delicious! I'm so grateful that I have a family to cook for. Even if I sometimes wonder why I bother when Charlotte just begs for cold, plain pasta instead I love the challenge and am so happy when we are all together and there is silence because everyone is busy eating. I don't miss my single life at all in that regard.
When I was single, I nearly always had a mountain of clothes waiting to be ironed in my bedroom. That's gone now. The effort that I couldn't be bothered to make for myself is (almost) a pleasure for my children. I just want them to have the best in life and to do all I can to help them. This is much more productive and rewarding than being stressed by my ironing pile all the time.

I love their smiles.

They make me laugh (every day) (and cry(sometimes)).

Having children has really taught me what unconditional love is. Whatever they do I can't stay angry with them for a second.

Thank you, Charlotte and Yann.
Thank you for introducing me to parenthood.
Thank you for filling my life with laughter and happiness.
Thank you for showing me the world through your eyes.
Thank you for not bearing grudges about mistakes I have made so far.

I love both of you so much.

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cheh said...

You have two adorable and healthy children kate!No wonder you are so proud:)

BTW,my sebastian is the same age as your charlotte and your youngest is the same as my youngest,too
Coincidence? hehe

I wish you and your family a great week ahead!

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts on motherhood! I really appreciate your entry. Thanks for participating!

Mama Zen said...

They are so cute! Lovely picture and lovely post.

tiff said...

What a lovely post.
You can feel how grateful you are for your little ones.

mumple said...

They're beautiful kids. Lucky you!