Monday, November 19, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - Nov 19th

This is my fourth post here and last week I found that with seven new meals a week my fridge couldn't hold all the leftovers. Both monkeys were ill last week and we had a couple of unplanned meals just because I wanted to be able to spend the time with them and for them to eat really well without fussing over anything.

This means that I've been able to recycle most of the plan I wrote last week and want to try planning just five new meals. I'm going to stick to planning for particular days even if this sometimes get changed around because it just makes it easier for me to stick to my plan.

This is a normal week here on Germay so there are no Thanksgiving meals planned.

MONDAY Vegetable Spaghetti Bake

TUESDAY Leek soup from the freezer

WEDNESDAY Dahl and brown rice

THURSDAY Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie with extra vegetable side dishes

FRIDAY Microwave baked potatoes with leftovers...

It looks very bare but we're having visitors again on Saturday for French food and P. is responsible for that. I' sure there'll be enough leftovers for Sunday, if not, omelette.

We had French visitors last night last night and cooked a huge meal. One of the starters was my tartlets and this time I managed to take a picture before they all went. Aren't they pretty?

Thanks to Laura for hosting menu plan monday. Visit her to see more participants.


Bella said...

Yummy Menu! Where in Germany do you live? My very best friend lives in the Frankfurt area! She is coming to visit this week. Yeah! Thanks for commenting on my blog....hope you have a great week now that the monkeys are no longer ill.

Billie said...

Thanks for visiting me over at my blog! It's so cool what a smaller world this becomes via the internet...that's awesome you live in Germany. The area I live is super Pennsylvania Dutch with lots of direct descendents from Germany!

Have a great week!