Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thirteen things I bought yesterday

Big Monkey had to go back to the doctor's (in the "big city" on the other side of the river) for a check-up yesterday and as P. had a day off work we decided to do some shopping we were very successful!
So here are thirteen things we bought yesterday:

  1. A new keyboard - yes, at last I can use all the letters and punctuation marks I want without having to copy them from old documents!
  2. Lots of picture frames to put family photos up in the living room. Our next project is to work out how many pictures we need of each size, choose them and get them developed.
  3. Round bamboo knitting needles for the huge cardigan I've foolishly started. Why didn't I choose a scarf for Little Monkey to start with?
  4. A ruler with paper trimmer. I gave my big guillotine away years ago as I didn't have enough space after the birth of Big Monkey and also didn't want her to find it and play with it. Yesterday I found a really small, safe replacement.
  5. A grey polo-neck jumper for me.
  6. Grey cardigan for me.
  7. Green cardigan for me.
  8. An advent calendar with a different tea bag for everyday for me.
  9. Magnetic photo frames - to put photos in and give to grandparents some time.
  10. Three wooden Christmas trees, they are really unusual. I can't wait to put them up.
  11. A magic Christmas tree for the Monkeys to decorate on Christmas Eve (I had these as a child sometimes and loved them)
  12. New specially soft flannels for me.
  13. A cookbook holder, this has been on my wish list as long as I've been cooking and yesterday I saw a really smart one that doesn't take up too much space.

My normal shopping is just basic groceries, nappies and baby wipes and even when I want to buy things I rarely find things for me, I always just find things I know Big Monkey or the rest of the family would love. So it was really fun to buy things for me! Nearly everything was on sale or we got special discounts (everything apart from the advent calendar in fact) I also managed to resist the temptation to buy anything for Big Monkey.

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jenn said...

I's fun to buy things for yourself every now and then. I'm like you, I always buy for the kids and forget about myself.
'Happy tt!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

It must be a mom thing -- I rarely even get the chance to LOOK for myself, let alone buy!

Enjoy the new clothes; you deserve 'em.

Happy TT!

Tyra said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Happy TT!

Sandy Carlson said...

Good luck with the knitting!

This is a great list. I haven't heard the word "flannels" since I lived in Ireland. Much better than "face cloth"!

God bless.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

I love my cookbook sounds like you had a lovely time in the "big city"!

Happy TT! Thanks for the visit,

Dane Bramage said...

Great list. And good luck with the knitting. I am trying to get a friend to knit me a scarf. I don't need it until my 50th birthday in 2009. Of course it is suppose to be a 12 foot scarf like the one Tom Baker wore as Doctor Who.

Thanks for visiting my T13: 13 Things about Feet

melissa said...

I rarely buy stuff for myself, either. But I found a nice warm sweater today. Of course I live in Texas, which means I will wear it twice this year...

Thanks for visiting!

Nicholas said...

Good list! Once you get into the knitting you'll be knocking out cardies by the ton!

Btw You have your Blogger preferences set so that commenters without Blogspot accounts can’t be linked back to their sites. I’m at and this week I’m #33 on the TT list.

Che said...

This reminds me that I also need more photo frames:)

I hope you & family have a nice sunday!take care


Lesley said...

I'd never heard of a magic Christmas tree but that sounds UBER fun! I also simply must get myself one of those advent calendars with tea bags! That sounds awesome.

Be Inspired Always said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Sign me up for one of those.

I need to think about me, so I'm planning a day trip to the spa. I can't wait.